I launched this site to share the ways I hack my fun.  It’s my personal travel blog, plus  lifestyle and food website where I provide concise and unique travel recaps, vacation advice, and event planning insider tips for the places I’ve been and the things I’ve done.



Hiking the Flatirons, Boulder Colorado


What’s fun for me? I  enjoy getting into new and different things in my new home of Denver, plus taking amazing trips outside of the continental US. I’ve climbed a glacier in Iceland, hiked and swam a mile deep inside a Belizean cave to view a Mayan burial site, and swam with reef sharks at the Great Barrier Reef.

I also love to hike, bike, snowboard, do yoga, drink wine, meet people, and eat delicious food. I organize weekend getaways, including wine tasting, snowboarding trips, and bike rides, but I also plan long vacations to unique destinations. I’m looking forward to sharing travel advice and vacation planning tips with you.

In each post, I aim to summarize the key ways to hack your fun this way:

  • GET THERE:  the best way to get there/get around, any parking considerations, other transportation notes
  • WHAT TO WEAR: what is the weather like, what clothing should you pack?
  • HOW TO PREPARE:  do you need any special gear? what else should you bring?
  • LOCAL FLAIR:  can’t-miss food, local customs, must-see attractions & hidden gems
  • FAIR & SQUARE?  is it a good value and is it worth it overall?

Please let me know if you need more trip advice we haven’t covered yet, or if you’d like to share your insider travel advice and contribute. This site is constantly growing and I’d love to hear more trip tips and vacation ideas. Hope to see you out there soon, hacking your own fun!


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